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A holiday that gives you the chance to rediscover the peace and the products of the countryside
Spending your vacation in the countryside in a Tuscan farmhouse or country home may include dining with the host family and other guests, assisting in the grape or olive harvest or merely enjoying the quiet intimacy of a stay in the countryside independently from the farm.
Many farmhouse hosts also help to organize activities for their guests, from horseback riding to mountain biking and from providing information on local hiking trails to offering Tuscany cooking classes and wine tastings. Many farmhouses have recently added swimming pools to their properties to offer their guests the opportunity to cool down during the warm Tuscan summers.
Agriturismo, or "agricultural tourism / agritourism", gives ones the chance to experience true rural Tuscan life. It means that actual working farms have opened their homes to offer rustic to elegant accommodation.
Generally based on or around a farmhouse villa, winery or castle, these are often family-run operations which offer accommodation that ranges from bed and breakfasts to large apartments and separate buildings that include living areas, kitchens and private bathrooms.
Most accommodation in Tuscany is in original farmhouses or farm buildings. A great deal of effort goes into the renovation of the farmhouses to preserve their original architectural forms. Built to a traditional formular of thick stone walls, exposed wooden rafters, often fashioned from hefty chesnut trees, terracotta tile roofs and floors, there is a pleasing simplicity about these farmhouses. The farmhouses make ideal holiday accommodation for couples, families and groups of travellers to Italy.

Tuscan Contryside

There is a unique place where you do not need words to make yourself understood, or comparisons to feel that you are well, or strong sensations in order to feel emotional. It is the Tuscan countryside and you are its guest. And so, discover a holiday that immediately feels familiar: the agritourism. A walk up to that old village, a trip on horseback, a moment of astonishment inside a parish church, a lunch rich with typical products. The Tuscan countryside is a natural environment where the centuries-old presence of man has modelled the profiles of the hills. The farmhouses, the medieval villages, the rows of vines, the olive groves, the cypresses: with aTuscan farmhouse you can enjoy a green, healthy, relaxing and real holiday.


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