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Farmhouse Colli di Travale: your holiday in the Tuscan countryside, among stories and legends, flavors and tastes out of the ordinary, love and passion for a still wild nature.
The ideal way to discover and experience Tuscany is carefully defined and protected by regional laws. Farm holidays are one of the most popular ways of discovering the region. Many people see it as the ideal kind of holiday and the best way to experience and enjoy the Tuscan territory. Farm holiday establishments,or agriturismi, have been around for a long time so they are no longer a novelty although they still present some innovative features and are set to keep evolving in the future.
But what is a farm holiday exactly? 
welcoming guests and farming, the farm’s principle activity. 
Tuscany was one of the first regions to define farm holidays with a set of constantly updated regulations. Tuscany is certainly at the forefront where regulations of all aspects of farm holiday enterprises are concerned, from regulatory issues (classification, health and hygiene, the working hours to be dedicated to farm holiday activities compared with the time dedicated to the farming activity), to those aimed at identifying a series of collateral activities. These strong points are explained particularly well in the regulations for the implementation of law no. 30/2003, which identifies a number of additional elements farm holiday establishments can use to develop their business. These elements are Our flavours and Traditional food, On horseback, With my pets, With the family, Being together, No barriers. 

Tuscan contryside
There is a unique place where you do not need words to make yourself understood, or comparisons to feel that you are well, or strong sensations in order to feel emotional. It is the Tuscan countryside and you are its guest. And so, discover a holiday that immediately feels familiar: the agritourism. A walk up to that old village, a trip on horseback, a moment of astonishment inside a parish church, a lunch rich with typical products. The Tuscan countryside is a natural environment where the centuries-old presence of man has modelled the profiles of the hills. The farmhouses, the medieval villages, the rows of vines, the olive groves, the cypresses: with a Tuscan farmhouse you can enjoy a green, healthy, relaxing and real holiday.

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