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Siena is unique, even in taste. The city of the Gothic style, of the Palio, which more than any other preserves ancient traditions, has a spicy taste, sweet and piquant of the 'panforte', strong of the salted cured ham made from the 'cinta senese' ( a breed of pig only farmed in the Sienese area). Even the bread, unsalted but seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil - the 'caccino' - is different from the others. 

Sustainable tourism in Siena : the 9 rules of the responsible tourist: Are you... a responsible tourist? 
Start from your hotel room 
Are you... a responsible tourist?
To be a responsible tourist are necessary a few actions, you can start from your bedroom:
· turn off the light and the television before going out your room
· do not waste water
· turn off TV before sleeping
· if you open the windows switch off heating system or air- conditioner
· do not waste WC water
· do not throw any cotton fiock, sanitary towels and other materials in WC
· try to avoid unnecessary noises
· inform hotel's manager for possible leaks of water or electric problems
· to reduce the impact of detergents and the use of water
- throw onto the ground the towels which you wish to be washed
- allow to postpone the change of the sheets according to your needs.
“Think globally,  act locally”

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